3.1 Wake up

Wake-up routine

Wake-up routine using red light therapy lamps
Red light therapy lamps

My wake-up routine started instinctively but evolved as I started to track my sleep in the early 10s. As with most of my routines, it has taken a good part of a decade to establish and refine into a steady and sustainable wake-up routine. I have not used any alarm clocks for over a decade as I go to bed early, and I have gotten straight up in the morning my whole life.

As I am a lark, I go up early. Yes, I am a member of the 5 am club; it just is how I am wired. I have more energy in the morning, but in the evening, I am more of a zombie and cannot get any quality work done at all.

As I gradually established a good sleep routine, I adapted the routine to my circadian rhythm. The rest of the family consists of another lark and two owls, so we have quite different patterns for our days. It is my job in the morning to make breakfast and get the kids to school, but in the evening, after cleaning the dinner table, I honestly totally chill out.

As part of the wake-up routine, I have started to do red light therapy. It eases back pain and feels good. Usually, I down a cup or two of coffee, sometimes mixed with BCAA or Collagen, or bullet-proof style. While in light therapy, I usually pick up the phone and check my daily schedule. I am conflicted about whether to check social media and read the news, which I do most mornings or if I should abstain from screen time totally. After the red light therapy, it is time to meditate, more about that in the next post in the daily routines blog post series.

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