Kristian Norling

I am a learner, manager and stoic. Born and raised in Sweden by Finnish parents. I have spent time as a ski-bum in Zillertal, studied international relations, worked in private and public sector. A selection of professional roles; snowboard teacher, information security specialist, webmaster, infomaster, communicator, communications manager, intranet and enterprise search consultant, project manager, IT strategist, market communication director, conference manager, community manager, CEO, publisher and speaker. I have founded and run two start-ups.

Professional motto: “Change is the only constant”.


I have always been curious and reading is my favourite pasttime. I think it is very important to always be learning, I like to consider myself a neo-generalist more than an expert. Formal education and CV are available at LinkedIn. I soon hope to start my PhD studies at the University of Gothenburg.


I am the manager of the Digital Media Department at Head Office, Region Västra Götaland. We are responsible for web, intranet, enterprise search, video, podcasts etc. We are responsible for overall UX and driving digital work practices and workplace development. The department also runs a digital lab. We simply do all kinds of things digital, mainly within administration and support processes. 


In 2014, after reading “A Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy“, I discovered to have (unknowingly) been a practicing Stoic for a long time and thus found out the philosophy of my life.