1. SYS 64738

SYS 64738 basic command entered on the Commodore 64 computer start screen .
Commodore 64 start screen

If you were active on the C64 scene, you are probably familiar with the BASIC-command SYS 64738. For a trip down memory lane, check out the Internet Archives great C64 software library.

SYS 64738, it was time for a reset. I have spent the last few years working a lot, perhaps too much, but work is an essential part of my life, of my identity, of me. Maybe this is a midlife crisis. Maybe this is just me bored with the status quo. Maybe it is just me still being curious. Maybe it is all of this or something else.

As it happens, I have found out while contemplating that I actually do have work as my hobby, or maybe it is the other way around that my hobby has also become my work. Total work/life integration, with the small caveat of not having enough time for other more important things like family, health, and community.

So this spring, I decided to scale back from my 50+ hour work weeks to a more relaxed 40-hour schedule. This did, of course, not happen from one day to another. It actually took quite some time.

Now I am anchored on a new, better, more healthy level of hours spent on work. This has freed up time for other activities that I have been neglecting, like spending time with family, writing this blog, planning research, exercise, handicraft, and much more. I will write more about everything in the upcoming posts.

0.1 Why start a blog?

I want to own my online identity. and presence. This is my online home, my thoughts, my writing, that I own and control. I am sick and tired of all BS services and their crap EULA:s.

If someone else reads this and finds it even remotely useful, great! But the primary purpose is to use the blog as a way to structure my own thoughts and ideas.

Inspiration from long time blogs like Euan Sempel’s The Obvious, Patrik Bergman’s A Corn of Wheat, Martina Johansson’s Next Level Biohacking and many, many more.